Prussian Eagle

14th/20th King’s Hussars ‘Prussian Eagle’ Leave a comment

On 16 April 1945 2/6th Gurkha Rifles and 14th/20th attacked the German occupied town of Medicina, Italy. Despite the Germans being close to surrender, the two units met superb German troops in defence and a short, but fierce, battle ensued.

Medicina was a small medieval town with narrow streets and cellared houses, posing all the problems that operations in built-up areas bring. Fighting from building to building the Gurkhas fought their way into the town, ably supported by the 14/20 King’s Hussar tanks which could blow holes in walls with their 75mm guns to allow the infantry to get in. Fighting in close quarters was bloody and kukris and bayonets were used to good effect where ranges were too short for rifle fire. After breaking in 1700hrs, 2/6th and 14/20 King’s Hussar secured the town by 2100 that evening.

Medicina became a battle honour for both regiments. To mark the relationship 6GR started wearing the Hussars’ Prussian Eagle (or ‘Hawk’) and the 14/20 King’s Hussars adopted the crossed kukris on their uniforms. The RGR now wear the Hawk on their Cross Belt pouch and the King’s Royal Hussars (KRH) wear crossed kukris on their Blue Patrols, Service Dress and Mess Dress

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